Rice fields and Empty Villages (斗南 and 二水)

When I first visited Taiwan in the summer of 2012, it was also the first time I travelled a country exclusively by relying on Couchsurfing for finding a roof over my head, but… Weiterlesen

Untold Stories

Maybe one of the most surprising thing I learned during my two days in a Taiwanese village was that Taiwanese men, especially in the countryside, also buy wives from Vietnam and possibly other… Weiterlesen

From the Top of the Waterfall – Hiking Sandiaoling (三貂嶺)

As always, a vacation in Taiwan had to include at least some hiking – the 30 minutes up Jilongshan didn’t really count, so my second day trip to the outskirts of Taipei led… Weiterlesen

Spirited away with a bunch of tourists (九份 and 基隆山)

Last time I visited Taiwan, I promised myself two things: That I’d come back and that, next time, I’d have more than a meagre 10 days. I kept the first promise when I… Weiterlesen

Saying „Görüşürüz“ (Last day in Istanbul)

When I got back to Istanbul from Antalya, I basically had one more day left before I had to go back to France. I was really lucky – the weather was just wonderful,… Weiterlesen

Istanbul in „touristy“ (Sultanahmet)

(Disclaimer: Picture heavy post. Istanbul is just too beautiful <3) When we came to Istanbul in the end of February (that’s quite some time ago already…) we spent our first days in Sultanahmet,… Weiterlesen

Playing Indiana Jones in Antalya (Day trip to Termessos)

So, how do you dodge the masses in Antalya if you still wanna go there for the nice weather? Admittedly, „masses“ is a slight overexaggeration. But it certainly is true that Antalya is… Weiterlesen

Between the continents (What I loved about Istanbul)

I used the opportunity of a week long spring break for a trip to Istanbul (with two days in Antalya in between) which I really enjoyed! Here a short summary of personal highlights… Weiterlesen

How do you say „demonstration“ in French? – A weekend in Paris

Before going back to my travels in Asia last year (and writing about the ones in Europe yet to come), I’ll write about some rather recent events. Paris is conveniently close from here,… Weiterlesen


I’ve been thinking about how fast time flies – when I walked home in the first sunlight of the spring yesterday, I remembered where I was exactly one year ago. I had already… Weiterlesen